Vampire Attacks Driver?

A woman crashed her SUV because she said she was being chased by a vampire. Really? How exciting! I want to hear more!



The 58-year-old Grand Junction, Colorado woman came to a dead end on an unlit road... creepy enough right? But that's when she saw the "vampire", understandably freaked out, hit reverse and rolled her car into this ditch.



Oddly enough, lists Grand Junction, Colorado as one of only 20 vampire friendly cities in the U.S.



I'm not sure exactly what about Grand Junction makes it vampire friendly. Fountains of blood? Garlic free zones? Vampire sporting events?



Colorado State Troopers told reporters that they have never before received a call about a vampire in the road, or anywhere else for that matter. Not one. This is a first.



What would you do if you saw a vampire in the road?

Troopers say that if you should come across a vampire while driving, DO NOT freak out. Do not drive your car into a ditch. Just stay calm, pull out your handy wooden steak and stab the vamp in the heart. Then call police.