Very Best Of FMLife: Finals Edition!

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Man, you ever take a final? Like, you sit in this class ALL YEAR, and then at the end, you have to sum up all the knowledge you've gained in one test? That's not how the human brain works, man! You don't prove you know something! Man... finals, man. Finals. F. M. L. Right? Man?


"Here's your quote unquote 'test' back"

handing back papers

Today, I got my first university math midterm back. I did so bad that my teacher put a sadface on the first page. FML 








I am the grossest

embarrassed in classToday, I woke up with bowel problems which have been causing me to violently pass wind every couple of minutes. I have to spend the next two hours sitting an exam in dead silence. FML







Must've been on lupus

house mdToday, I was telling off one of my friends, a fellow student of medicine, who was spending his evenings watching "House" instead of revising for our important exam, as I was. The topic mentioned in the episode came up in the exam. He got 4 points more than I did. FML






What's a photosynthesis?

plant growing through photosynthesis

Today, I had a science test. A question asked, "What is the first stage of photosynthesis?" I didn't know, so just trying to be light-hearted, I wrote, "The plant must first believe in itself." My teacher didn't think it was funny, and gave me detention for insulting her intelligence. FML






Eat away your feelings

twinkiesToday, I gave a girl answers to a test. She said she would give me something pleasurable in return. She gave me a Twinkie, saying, "I know how much fat people love twinkies." FML







An offer you can refuse

scumbag girl meme
Today, my college economics class had a big test. We all needed a scantron sheet, but some people forgot some. I had an extra one and this really hot girl offered to buy it for $1.00. I said I'd give it to her for her number. She looked around and asked "Does anyone else have an extra?" FML






Look closer though!

thick arm hairToday, I got a zero on my math test. My teacher was convinced that I had written the answers on my arm. No answers, just really thick, black arm hair. FML








Think before you act

writing on hands

Today, I attempted to cheat on a test by writing some notes on my hand. During the test I had a question. I raised my hand. FML







Like, shocking!

red pen on term paper

Today, I got back my math test. Instead of taking the time to mark the mistakes, my professor just circled the bottom half of the page and wrote "OMG." FML







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