Very Best Of FMLife! Hair Edition!

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Does anything cause as much stress in life as our hair? You can't control it, styling it's hard, and you wear a hat for, like, one second, and it's ruined! Come on hair! Don't make me F my life!


Worst. Usual. Ever.

getting haircut

Today, I went to my hair dresser to get my haircut. When she asked me what I wanted, I told her "the usual". She confused me with another customer and gave me a mullet. FML







Saving face

bad haircutToday, I told the hair dresser that my kid had cut my hair. I don't have kids. I was just really drunk. FML








I have raised you incorrectly

mullet kidToday, my son told me he needed a haircut. I was thrilled that he actually requested it, since he normally throws a fit over getting them. He described the cut he wants. It's a mullet. FML








creepy guy staringToday, I was in class and felt something tugging on my hair. I thought it was caught on the chair, so I turned around a little to look. The guy behind me was holding my hair and smelling it. He gave me a creepy smile, winked, and continued. FML






"That's perfect then"

guy with long hair

Today, I decided to go get my hair cut because it was getting a bit long. I told the lady that I wanted it way short and she replied "Why? You will look like a guy sweetie." I am a guy. FML







Oh good, I hadn't had any nightmares in a while

scary drain
Today, my water wouldn't go down my shower drain. Confused, I stuck a metal stick expecting hair, but instead stabbed and pulled up a rat that was dead in my drain. FML







Reality is the WORST

butterfly in hairToday, I was having a nice dream in which a beautiful butterfly flew by me and got stuck in my hair, fluttering its wings against my neck. Then I woke up and realized the "butterfly" stuck in my hair was actually a giant wood roach. FML







We do what we must

hair on fire

Today, I accidentally set my hair on fire while lighting a cigarette. I panicked and put it out by slapping myself in the face. FML







You tricky devil

hair scared

Today, I was sitting on the toilet when I felt something brush my shoulder. I turned around in fright, and one of my bum cheeks slipped off the seat and into the toilet, making me fall sideways and hit my face on the toilet roll holder. I now have a black eye. It was my hair on my shoulder. FML







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