The Very Best of FMLife: LOCKER Edition!

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Lockers are pretty much the greatest thing of all time... three weeks after school starts. Before that it's a cavalcade of forgetting combinations, mixing them up with other's, figuring out a way to get there befreo class, and ETCETERA. For at least the first few weeks of school, lockers can go right to hell.


The worst of all insults

locker graffitti

Today, my class was assigned lockers. Out of all the lockers in the entire school, mine is the only one to still have graffiti on it from last year. The tagger's choice of words? "Poop face." FML







They are all pretty indistinguishable

row of lockersToday, I found a note in my locker from a really hot guy asking me to prom. I went up to him saying how excited I was to go. He said "Oh you got the note?" and slipped it into the locker next to me. FML







Some kind of a head game

huge locker roomToday, I was kicked out of my track team's locker room because the coach said there weren't enough lockers for everyone on the team. There are 74 lockers and only 52 girls on the team. FML







Ineffective communication

german note

Today, I received a cute letter in my locker. It was in German, so I used Google translate. Apparently, someone hopes I choke on big fat c*ck. FML







Hello fadder

angry principalToday, my girlfriend and I decided to have fun at school. So, we went into the locker room. We were making out for a couple minutes when the door opened. It was the principal, who also happens to be her dad. FML








sleeping in showerToday, after a particularly difficult late night workout at the gym, I decided to shower in the locker room. I must have passed out, because I later woke up naked, surrounded by police after someone called to report a dead body in the shower. FML







His phone had run out of battery, you see

spraypainting lockerToday, my boyfriend broke up with me by spray-painting it on my locker. FML








Punching above your weight

beaten up face

Today, I was in a hurry trying to get into my locker, but it stuck. After a few frustrating attempts, I finally managed to get it open. In anger, I threw the door open, but it bounced back and hit me in the head. My natural reflex was to jerk forward, giving myself a black eye from the hook inside. I got in a fight with my locker and lost. FML






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