Very Best Of FMyLife: Vol 13

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Sometimes, life sucks so hard, there's only one thing to say... F My Life! That's where FMylife comes in, collecting worst moments of our lives, all in one place. Here are some of the best FML moments this week!


Plus side: free food!



Today, my boyfriend proposed to me in front of an entire street of people. We've only been dating for a week. One of the women in the crowd then called me heartless and threw a hamburger at me when I turned him down. FML





Crime. With plenty of potassium.

breakup sub




Today, I was mugged. The guy mugging me was eating a banana. FML





Dear diary

Cat toaster




Today, I lied to my diary about my weight. FML





But how did it END?!



Today, I was watching a movie online. There was a 15 minute ad. 13 minutes into watching an ad about birth control, I noticed that there was a "skip this ad" button in the corner. FML






What's weird about Potter?




Today, my "friend" told me I was weird and irritating. Yet she has an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter, hates people in general, and has a facebook for her cat. Yeah, I'm the weird one. FML





Well, was she?




Today, my friend told me that her favourite aunt died last night of a heart attack. The first thing I could think of to say was, "Oh no, is she okay?" FML





Badger badger badger



Today, I woke my husband up at 2am, screaming that there was a badger in our bedroom. We both screamed for a bit until he finally says, "What are we screaming about!?" I took a second look at the badger, and realized it was my four year old daughter with her blanket. FML





At least he has self-confidence!

dog collar



Today, I actually heard my 14 year old son muse to himself, "If I can drive drunk in Grand Theft Auto, how hard could it be in real life?" FML









Today, I witnessed two women in a catfight, ripping clothes off each other. This would have been great if the two women weren't my mom and my grandma. FML





Lint is FUN!




Today, I was absentmindedly playing with a piece of lint. When I looked at it, I realized that I had been rolling and squeezing a dead spider in my fingers for about five minutes. FML




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