Want A Girlfriend For Christmas? There's An App For That!

Dear Santa,

I'm tired of drinking wine and writing letters alone in public. All I want for Christmas is a really cute girlfriend. Preferably someone exotic.




Dear John,

You got it!




Never spend Christmas alone again! That's right, if all you want for Christmas is a hot girlfriend look no more... there's an app for that.

She can't cook, and she can't clean but she can tell you that she loves you, sulk, pout and send you sexy texts and pictures. You can take her anywhere, even a bachelor party... I mean, who's gonna know?

The app was created by a company called Nabix and came out on Nov. 30th, the app was downloaded 80,000 times per day when it was offered for free (it now costs $1.99.)

The app is called, "Honey It's Me!" and enables users to interact with the voice of a really cute twenty-something virtual girlfriend named Mina.

Single men can receive up to four video calls from Mina per day, as well as tons of messages of love.

"Mina" has recorded a bunch of "girlfriend" type comments... everything from, "Are you still sleeping? Time for breakfast!" to "Good night, sweet dreams".

Head of Nabix Kim Yoon-kak said "I've developed this application to console people for their loneliness." He's working on developing English and Japanese versions of the app, as well as an adaptation for Android phones.

So your Christmas prayers have been answered, but she only speaks Korean... for now.

Would you get the girlfriend app?


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