10 Ways To Prepare For The Midnight Showing Of Harry Potter

I can’t even imagine a world without Harry Potter. (Actually, it’s easy if you try.) The last one comes out this weekend, and anybody who’s anybody who’s a Harry Potter freak is going to the midnight showing. If you’re one of these people, read this definitive guide to the night.


1. Have A V8


Those damn commercials will just mock you if you don’t. You should’ve had one.


2. Polish Your Forehead Scar


I wouldn’t want all the other scarred children to be making fun of your unpolished scar. Those are just SO out of style.


3. Think Sad Thoughts


One of the most important characters dies (but I’ll never say who). (And I mean MOST important.) And everyone is going to cry, so you better cry! Or they’ll harvest your parts.


4. Have Dinner


Having three meals per day is always a good idea!


5. Read The Book


I really, really hope you’ve read the books—ALL of the books—because if you haven’t, you’re not a real fan (which makes me not a real fan).


6. Catch The Snitch


If you do, you will be loved forever by the fictitious school of Hogwarts!


7. Buy A Wand


All the cool kids are getting them.


8. Practice Your British Accent


It’s impossible to be a wizard—even a faux-wizard—if you don’t have a British accent. Everyone knows that.


9. Have Some Coke


Coke will keep you awake for the entire night, which is very important. And, to clarify, I mean Coke as in the drink, not as in cocaine... though, come to think of it, cocaine would also keep you awake. In a very unadvised illeggal kind of way.


10. Learn The Theme Song


Just in case the entire audience sings along to the do-duh-duh-do-do-do-do song, you should be prepared.

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