Web's Best April Fool's Day Pranks 2011

Every year it seems to be a contest to see who has the funniest, most clever April Fool's pranks and hoaxes... the internet makes it super easy to fool a ton of people at one time and even though it's April Fool's Day, our reality is so silly that sometimes it's hard to tell right away if what you're looking at is real or an April Fool's day joke. Here are some of our favorite pranks of the day!


YouTube: 1911

YouTube took us back... WAY back, so see what YouTube would be like if it was around 100 years ago. We've come a long way in the last century years!


Hulu's 1999 Website

Hulu takes us on a journey back in time this April 1st... to a time when the internet sucked but TV rocked! This kinda makes me miss Geocities.


Blizzard: Starcraft Returns To Consoles

This is the way real-time strategy is meant to be played. Too bad it's not real.


Urlesque: Hurr Durr

One of our SMOSH favorites Urlesque is using the site Hurr Durr to make the world stupid this April Fools!


Hoot Suite: Happy Owls

If you forgot it was April 1st today you might have actually believed that Hoot Suite's new business was Happy Owls!


Yelp: Rent A Puppy

Yelp's Rent-A-Puppy was possibly the cutest Internet prank of the day.


College Humor: Access Admin

What will happen if you click the button? What will happen??????????


Ikea: Dog Highchair

Because we all know that their are idiots who love their dogs so much that they were probably trying to order these! I mean, your dogs safety and comfort is very important!


Google: Helvetica

The search engine will reveal all your results in Comic Sans, which is, as everyone knows, is the Rebecca Black of typographical fonts.


Rebecca Black buys Funny or Die

We covered this in detail this morning. Who knew Rebecca Black could be so funny?


IGN: Harry Potter... The TV Show

That's right Harry Potter may not be making any more movies for the time being, but if you fell for this one you might have thought the TV show was coming soon!

Let us know which ones are your favorite in the comments below... Did you see any other ones you want to share? Share!

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