What Would Little Anthony Do?

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Taking a stroll down memory lane can be pretty fun, especially if you defeated Hitler, invented Pop Tarts or fondly remember the first time you encountered Pokémon. It’s not as fun when you realize you used to be kind of a little “slow.”

When I was younger, I wasn't very intelligent. That's not to say I'm a genius now, but just as an example, I used to think those turn lane arrows painted on the ground were old shortcuts that have since been paved over.

Old shortcuts?

Yeah, I'd think that you were literally supposed to turn right at that exact moment you drive over the white arrow painted on the ground.

So this explains why the legal driving age in the United States is 16. If you had given me the keys to a car when I was 5, I'd have driven over a curb, into a pole, and into oncoming traffic, all while thinking I was obeying the law.

This kid thinks he's so cool it hurts.

What were some stupid things you used to think when you were younger?