Who Punched Selena Gomez!?

It's not a secret that some Bieber fans HATE Selena Gomez. I mean she stole their future husband!

But rumors started circulating the other day that a rabid Justin Bieber fan had punched Selena in the face giving her a fat lip.

You can see Selena and Justin leaving his 17th birthday party and it looks like a madhouse. She's covering her lip and seems to be in pain.

Soon after these pics got out, and the rumors started circulating and the hashtag "#sorryjustin" started trending all over Twitter.

Turns out that it wasn't a rabid fan at all, but some kind of paparazzo incident that left the pop stars girlfriend with a fat lip.

I don't understand why he's driving the car. Wouldn't there be less chaos if he and Selena just got into the back of a dark limo and you couldn't see them anymore? I'm not saying he should ALWAYS take a limo, but it's his 17th birthday and he knows the paparazzo are gonna want pics. I say, get a driver!

And look at poor Selena's fat lip. OUCH! What a bummer of a way to end your boyfriend's 17th birthday party.


And it really pissed Justin off. In a totally out of character move the Biebs flipped off the paparazzo! And to be honest, I don't blame him one bit.

But in true Biebs style he felt bad and later tweeted:

Awww, the Biebs is still a nice guy, even though his girlfriend got a fat lip.

Do you blame Bieber for getting mad? How would you have handled the situation? What do you think about Justin Bieber? Leave your funny Bieber comments below! (They always make us laugh.)

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