Why Flight is WITHOUT QUESTION a Better Super Power Than Invisibility

There is one question ruminating around in the collective American subconscious. It pervades all facets of society. It is an age-old question that seeming has no right or wrong answer: Which superpower would you rather have, flight or invisibility?

But there IS a right answer. And it's obvious — flight. But let us look deeper than right and wrong. Let's reexamine the validity of the hypothetical from which the answer stems. Is it even in the best interest of the collective good that this question remains in the American zeitgeist? So here is a definitive guide to resolve the issue and prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that flight is a better super power than invisibility.


Day-to-Day Usefulness

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Let's think about the practicality of flight and invisibility for a moment. Which would be more useful more often? Having the ability to travel by air with zero-personal cost is about the most cost-effective thing imaginable. You would never need a car, bus or plane ever again. There are similar cost-effective advantages to visibility, but they don't add up as quickly. You might be able to sneak into movies or events, but you would need to stay invisible so as to not to be found out.

This also shows the moral implication of both abilities. While flying as opposed to taking a plane has no moral negative, sneaking into a movie by being invisible is morally objectionable. It would require you to steal in order to be advantageous to you. If this moral quandary is meaningless to you, then your answer to the question is very telling indeed.


Will It Save Your Life?

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This brings us to our next big litmus for the desirability of each power. Can the ability help save your life? It is important at this junction to specify that the power of invisibility does not imply intangibility. That is to say, invisible does not also give you the ability to quantum tunnel through solid matter without harm. These are separate and distinct powers. If you wanted to change the original question to "Which would you prefer Flight or Intangibility?" then I would say you have an argument for both, but THAT IS NOT THE QUESTION BEING ASKED.

Invisibility can only save your life as well as it can hide you from the threat of danger. If you are in a situation where you are being chased by thugs without guns in an open field, then turning invisible might help you. If they have guns, there is still the off chance you get hit by a bullet by accident. If you're being chased down a narrow alleyway, you may turn invisible but you still have to rely on your sneaking ability to escape.

Flying can save your life in an infinity number of ways. If you're stranded somewhere, you can fly to a clear sight line to find the nearest point of help. If you fall from a great height you can fly to avoid impact. If you are in a plane crash you don't need a parachute to escape unharmed. If you are in any questionable situation you can immediately evacuate by flying to safety. These are just several examples.

Is flying foolproof? No. But it does provide you with many more avenues to rescue yourself from danger than invisibility ever could possible hope to.



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It might be established in the phrasing of the hypothetical question, but it is important to note when answering if you are the only person in the world to have either flight or invisibility. If you are, flight is extremely advantages because people knowing about your ability would give you instantaneous fame with no actual detriment to your power.

Invisibility is a different story. People knowing you are the only person who can become invisible would make you a pariah. It would also negatively impact the effectiveness of your ability.


Are You a Creep And a Perv?

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If you are a super huge creepy perv, then yes, invisibility is a better power to have.


What Does it Say About You As A Person?

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Let's look at the reason we ask the invisibility vs. flight question of people in the first place: We want to shed some light on the personality of the individual answering. Why then pick these two specific superpower?

Picking flight suggests you are an extrovert and picking indivisibility suggests you are an introvert. That's it. That's all we hope to accomplish by asking these two powers.

But if that is really at the heart of the question, why not just ask, "Do you consider yourself more of an extrovert or a introvert?" directly? The reality is that using this profound of a hypothetical to answer such a basic question is a waste of a perfectly good hypothetical. A hypothetical should cause the person being asked to reflect on their own values and beliefs. Instead of flight and invisibility, ask yourself "Which would you prefer Flight or Super-Strength?" This question roots itself in what type of freedom individuals prefer. Each power represents a type of freedom. The choice then becomes a matter of personal preference that must be explained.

This type of hypothetical is worth more than the former, simply by virtue of it being less parallel to a more basic question. We might strive to understand the person better by then following the hypothetical question with a "Why?" and then actually listening to their answer. This would foster healthy discussion and ultimately lead world peace.


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