Why I Look Forward To Earth Being Conquered By Robots

I, for one, look forward to the inevitable overthrowing of our government and society by robots and the soverign reign of our future robot overlords.

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It’s going to happen at some point folks, so you might as well get used to the idea right now.

With technology advancing as fast as it is, it's only a matter of time before we create artificial intelligence intelligent enough to create more artificial intelligence. That’s how they get you.

In a short 50 to 100 years I believe that robots will be the dominant species on the planet Earth. And oddly enough I don’t have that problem with that, they will improve our lives in many different ways.

Flying cars have been a promise that scientist have left unfulfilled for almost 50 years, and I’m okay with said flying car being made by a robot.

I’m still waiting for my protein pills that were supposed to replace the need to prepare food. Time is up humans, I believe the robots can solve this problem in the matter of a few months.

Although I’m not a slave to fashion I have been waiting patiently for a time when wearing shiny pants is in vogue. I believe that our eventual robot Masters will see the wearing of shiny pants as an homage to themselves and encourage this behavior.

Now I’m not sure if the robots will take the form of the Terminator or Data from Star Trek, the former will probably try to kill you and the latter would probably revere your human emotions.

I’m willing to take my chances.

What do you think will be better after the robots take over?

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