The World's Most Adorable Armies

Nothing's more terrifying than being a villager in a small town and seeing men with guns and tanks crawling with grim determination toward your little town. Steel in the hearts and blood in their future. The military has arrived, and though they speak of peace, they inspire fear. Unless it's one of these armies!


The Hello Kitty Army


No matter how many Hello Kitties overwhelm your forces they will continue to melt your heart even as they blast their way through your front lines.


The Bratz Brigade


They have giant eyes and tiny legs... perfect for getting through barb wire unscathed and spotting enemy garrisons.


An Armored Division Of Eskimo Kissing Couples


It's hard to stay mad at people who are nuzzling their noses together, even if they have been sent to maximize casualties in the hopes of scaring your Brigadier General into surrendering.


The League Of Extraordinary Zooey Deschanels


Their thirst for the blood of the infidels is almost as great as their ability to look adorable in a bear hat and mittens.


The Puppy Army Whose Tanks Are Shaped Like Baskets


Awwww! Look at those baskets turning my quiet neighborhood into a fiery nightmare!


An All Kirby And Pikachu Cavalry


Who wouldn't want to have their country overrun by wave after wave of these charming imperialists!


The Derpy Dozen


Silly Derpys! How can you expect to covertly assassinate our left wing President who plans on redistributing the wealth back to the working class when you can't even see straight!


What are some other adorable armeis? Let us know in the comments!


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