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Posted 1 day 20 min ago by Brendan.
From Iron Man to Captain America to the two Avengers movies, the Marvel cinematic universe is so popular that...
Posted 1 month 3 weeks ago by Brendan.
If you’ve been on Twitter or Tumblr today, you might have noticed a huge debate on the colors of a certain cute dress. In fact, the colors of this...
Posted 1 month 4 weeks ago by Brendan.
The very nature of Snapchat is that the images are supposed to be seen once before dissolving forever into the digital ether. However, sometimes...
Posted 2 months 3 days ago by Brendan.
Texting can be a great way to get to know your crush, but some guys have no clue how to have a normal conversation. They try to escalate texting to...
Posted 2 months 4 days ago by Brendan.
Your yearbook is a precious time capsule that holds the moments and memories of some of the most important years of your life, so it’s surprising...
Posted 2 months 1 week ago by Brendan.
Snapchat is a good way to share photos of yourself making a stupid face, or to send a picture of your butt to that special someone. However,...
Posted 2 months 2 weeks ago by Brendan.
When we’re choosing our profile pic for Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, we painstakingly sort through dozens of photos to find the one that...