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Posted 21 hours 6 sec ago by Brendan.
Snapchat seems more popular than ever, but there are only a few Snapchat stories out there funny enough to save for all eternity. After extensive...
Posted 3 days 15 hours ago by Brendan.
Every animated GIF, even the weird ones, loop, but it’s a very special animated GIF that loops so well the action never stops. Sometimes these...
Posted 1 week 17 hours ago by Brendan.
It’s sad to say, but there’s a lot of pressure in society to have a conventionally attractive partner. Some guys, however, take things a little too...
Posted 1 week 3 days ago by Brendan.
Everyone loves animated GIFs. You can make them into art, you can make them 3D, you can even put them in reverse to totally change their meaning...
Posted 2 weeks 17 hours ago by Brendan.
Moms of the world, we love you, but when it comes to texting, you need to chill out. Either you don’t understand texting at all or, even worse, you...
Posted 3 weeks 18 hours ago by Brendan.
Regular texting with your friends can be stressful enough, but when your crush expects your texts to be flirty — or even worse, straight-up sexy —...
Posted 3 weeks 4 days ago by Brendan.
MyIdol is a Chinese app that lets you transform a picture of yourself into a creepy dancing avatar. A lot of enterprising MyIdol...