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Posted 2 days 22 hours ago by Brendan.
Sometimes, something sucky happens. Maybe you drop something accidentally. Or maybe something happens out of your control. It’s not like it...
Posted 3 weeks 2 days ago by Brendan.
Since they’re so ubiquitous in pop culture, the internet has long lobbied for Disney to create new Disney Princesses with representation beyond their...
Posted 2 months 1 week ago by Brendan.
Disney and Pokémon crossover art has been popular for as long as there’s been Disney and Pokémon, so it’s always nice to find a new angle on a...
Posted 3 months 3 weeks ago by Brendan.
As a connoisseur of memes, I think 2017 might have been the best year for memes since 2011. Even without Vine, there were so many great memes and...
Posted 4 months 4 days ago by Brendan.
Warning: Star Wars: The Last Jedi spoilers down below! Star Wars: The Last Jedi left us with many questions, but the movie itself has been tearing...
Posted 4 months 6 days ago by Brendan.
*There are SO MANY spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi down below, so don’t read this if you haven’t seen the movie yet! Like many of my fellow...
Posted 5 months 5 days ago by Brendan.
Twitter was a once fun place for celebrities to share their thoughts in a mostly consequence-free environment, instead of a place for Nazis and...