Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin is a Los Angeles based writer and performer. She has appeared in numerous sketch comedy/improv shows at venues in L.A., including the Groundlings Theater, Comedy Central Stage, and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, where she played Squeaky Fromme in the infamous alternative comedy show Comedy Death Ray. Unfinished projects include a memoir and a musical based on the life and death of JonBenet Ramsey. She has lots of other brilliant ideas she might complete. She really just needs more encouragement.

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Desi Jedeikin

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Posted 3 weeks 4 days ago by Desi Jedeikin.
Celebrities can not only look alike physically, but sometimes, they do impeccable impressions of other celebrities! I can...
Posted 4 weeks 1 day ago by Desi Jedeikin.
If you've been in a medically-induced coma for the past few days, you may have missed the internet's latest obsession...THE DRESS. And boy do I envy...
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I go down Tumblr wormholes more than I care to admit. There's just so much goddamned good stuff there! Tumblr users are prolific when it comes to...
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Another person is taking the internet by storm with their hilarious recreations of famous celebrity images, and this time it's a lady! Imgur...
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Celebs they're just like us! They photoshop their pics on Instagram and think that no one will notice! Okay, well maybe they're not like all of us,...
Posted 1 month 6 days ago by Desi Jedeikin.
Honestly, as someone who never had a childhood worth ruining — shut up you big babies! I would love to have had a childhood so damn precious an ...
Posted 1 month 1 week ago by Desi Jedeikin.
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody made its stars, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, so famous we still wonder about them today, but it was also...