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Desi Jedeikin is a Los Angeles based writer and performer. She has appeared in numerous sketch comedy/improv shows at venues in L.A., including the Groundlings Theater, Comedy Central Stage, and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, where she played Squeaky Fromme in the infamous alternative comedy show Comedy Death Ray. Unfinished projects include a memoir and a musical based on the life and death of JonBenet Ramsey. She has lots of other brilliant ideas she might complete. She really just needs more encouragement.

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Desi Jedeikin

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Posted 3 weeks 18 hours ago by Desi Jedeikin.
There are a lot of images on the internet that you can't unseen both good ways and bad ones. Like a lot of bad ones. Then there are pics that kind of...
Posted 3 weeks 1 day ago by Desi Jedeikin.
January was a pretty great month for memes, and February will probably be just as good, as evidenced by the "Dancing Winnie the Pooh" Meme. The weird...
Posted 3 weeks 3 days ago by Desi Jedeikin.
Just when things couldn't seem more grim, in steps Beyoncé to save the day. Beyoncé is pregnant with twins! Not since she dropped Lemonade has...
Posted 3 weeks 5 days ago by Desi Jedeikin.
If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that J.K. Rowling is the best, right? And that's proven nowhere more than on Twitter, where J.K....
Posted 4 weeks 20 hours ago by Desi Jedeikin.
We all love Photoshop fails,but even better is Photoshop experts that intentionally fail or troll people. Designer James Fridman is probably the best...
Posted 4 weeks 1 day ago by Desi Jedeikin.
After a tumultuous election season, I think we all need to focus on a more adorable battle, and what could be more adorable than a cute animal tweet...
Posted 1 month 1 day ago by Desi Jedeikin.
The memes just keep on coming in 2017. it's almost like we're dedicated to finding laughs as the world ends or something! The latest object of the...