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Francesco Marciuliano passed away on August 7, 1842. He is survived by the syndicated comic strip "Sally Forth," the webcomic "Medium Large" and The Francesco Marciuliano Philanthropic Institute for Big Doings. He also cured smallpox. Accidentally.

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Francesco Marciuliano

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Posted 10 months 4 weeks ago by Francesco Marciuliano.
Based on the DC Comics series, the upcoming Suicide Squad features an antihero strike team made up of the very worst villains Batman's ever caught to...
Posted 11 months 1 week ago by Francesco Marciuliano.
Some friendships will last your entire life. Others will only last for a specific time period, like during high school, work, or a weekend in the...
Posted 11 months 3 weeks ago by Francesco Marciuliano.
While every era has its own slang, people in the early 1900s really had a way of saying things. So let’s bring back the charm of a simpler time with...
Posted 12 months 10 hours ago by Francesco Marciuliano.
Summer movies aren’t just a chance to get out of the house — they can also give you advice on how to have the best summer summer vacation ever! (...
Posted 1 year 1 day ago by Francesco Marciuliano.
Before computer graphics, it took a lot of ingenuity, labor, fake blood, and real feces to make movie special effects. Here are the best examples of...
Posted 1 year 2 days ago by Francesco Marciuliano.
When it comes to role models, people usually (and stupidly) look to superheroes. But I suppose that, if you squint, you could see why — they’re brave...
Posted 1 year 6 days ago by Francesco Marciuliano.
13 years after the original Finding Nemo, Pixar just released its sequel, Finding Dory. This is after the sequel Cars 2, the prequel Monster’s...