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Michael McCollor is a writer from Los Angeles who accidentally books himself on two dates at once, tries to get Davy Jones to play at his prom, and every year re-learns the true meaning of Christmas.

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Michael McCollor

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Posted 2 weeks 2 hours ago by Michael McCollor.
When teenagers go out late at night, it's reasonable for a parent to ask them to check in from time to time. There are plenty of dangers those kids...
Posted 2 weeks 2 days ago by Michael McCollor.
There are so many varieties of people — fat and thin, tall and short, rich and poor, soda-drinkers and dudes who buy that weird Naked juice stuff....
Posted 2 weeks 4 days ago by Michael McCollor.
Current UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey was on SportsNation talking not about her recent win over Alexa Davis and not about her...
Posted 2 weeks 5 days ago by Michael McCollor.
Shark Week, the Discovery Channel's annual tribute to the terrifying underwater beasts so powerful they could have murdered a dinosaur, could be...
Posted 2 weeks 6 days ago by Michael McCollor.
Every Friday was endurance night at my karate studio. The instructors were merciless, demanding more crunches and more burpees and more push-ups. In...
Posted 3 weeks 4 days ago by Michael McCollor.
Grace Helbig, a popular YouTuber known for her ItsGrace channel, will host a talk show pilot for the E! Entertainment Network. For an idea of...
Posted 3 weeks 5 days ago by Michael McCollor.
Justin Bieber has done a lot of terrible things, but today, all of that is forgiven. Without Justin Bieber in the world, we would have lost a man to...