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Michael McCollor is a writer from Los Angeles who accidentally books himself on two dates at once, tries to get Davy Jones to play at his prom, and every year re-learns the true meaning of Christmas.

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Michael McCollor

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Posted 3 weeks 3 days ago by Michael McCollor.
Do you want a tattoo on your face, but still want to someday get a respectable job? Why not hide it in one of the many folds around your ear? That's...
Posted 3 weeks 5 days ago by Michael McCollor.
An unnamed Kentucky teen was severely injured this week after attempting the "fire challenge". Another dangerous Youtube fad, the fire challenge...
Posted 4 weeks 22 hours ago by Michael McCollor.
Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and his wife, Brie Bella, caught two men in the act of burglarizing their Arizona home last week....
Posted 4 weeks 1 day ago by Michael McCollor.
Plenty of celebrities have had nude pictures leak accidentally, but the snapshot One Direction's Liam Payne posted to Instagram over the weekend felt...
Posted 1 month 4 days ago by Michael McCollor.
For motorcycle riders, tattoos show their commitment to the culture, along with setting them apart from the accountants and public defenders of the...
Posted 1 month 6 days ago by Michael McCollor.
Knowing that any piece of Episode VII news demands the internet's full attention, J.J. Abrams has revealed the new Star Wars: Episode VII X-Wing ......