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Will Weldon is a comedian from Canada, a country you may recognize from any map and/or atlas of the world. Now residing in Los Angeles, he goes on stage and either complains about or mock things around him, often to laughter! He’s also appeared in a number of tiny roles on television and in commercials, and generally enjoys not taking things too seriously. So relax, bro!




Will Weldon

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Posted 3 days 17 hours ago by Will Weldon.
It’s not weird to be fascinated by serial killers; hell, look at how much space they take up in American fiction. The problem, though, is that people...
Posted 5 days 18 hours ago by Will Weldon.
It’s safe to say that your most messed up relationship with your parents. Sure, sometimes you guys will have a good time, but you and your parents...
Posted 1 week 4 days ago by Will Weldon.
Well, this season of Game of Thrones is over, which means we’ve got a long wait ahead of us for the final season. We have nothing but the memes to...
Posted 2 weeks 5 days ago by Will Weldon.
I never did any kind of post-secondary education beyond a one year program that is for sure too embarrassing for me to actually put in writing. That...
Posted 3 weeks 10 hours ago by Will Weldon.
Television is a fickle beast to make (a metaphor I regret immediately, as beasts aren’t something you really "make"). It can be hard to tell if a...
Posted 3 weeks 5 days ago by Will Weldon.
So, you’ve just graduated: RUN! RUN LIKE HELL! LIFE IS TRYING TO CATCH UP WITH YOU, TO MURDER YOU! Anyway, it’s understandable that you’re excited,...
Posted 1 month 3 days ago by Will Weldon.
This is article is not sponsored content. Hell, it’s not even an endorsement of McDonald’s. But they’re a worldwide force, and I’d wager that...