Will Weldon

Will Weldon is a comedian from Canada, a country you may recognize from any map and/or atlas of the world. Now residing in Los Angeles, he goes on stage and either complains about or mock things around him, often to laughter! He’s also appeared in a number of tiny roles on television and in commercials, and generally enjoys not taking things too seriously. So relax, bro!




Will Weldon

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Posted 3 weeks 2 days ago by Will Weldon.
In any piece of fiction, an important character's death should be treated with respect, gravitas, and purpose. And while some mediums are better at...
Posted 3 weeks 3 days ago by Will Weldon.
Marvel movies — I hope you like them, because they’re not going anywhere (even if they maybe should). We've spent the last eight years building...
Posted 4 weeks 13 hours ago by Will Weldon.
Eventually, everyone is forgotten. I know that sounds harsh, but think about some of the dumb stuff that you’ve done in your life — isn’t it also...
Posted 4 weeks 20 hours ago by Will Weldon.
I love cooking shows, and not because I’m some amazing cook… hell, I am passable at best. I like the attitude of cooking shows — the sass, the...
Posted 1 month 1 day ago by Will Weldon.
Well folks, I just got back from the doctor, and I have some bad news for you: we all eventually die. Unless, of course, you happen to be a comic...
Posted 1 month 3 days ago by Will Weldon.
Kids movies; they’re not just for kids! (Although, if you’re going to them in theaters, bring a kid with you. Otherwise, people look at you weird.)...
Posted 1 month 4 days ago by Will Weldon.
Look, I’m not saying the internet is for sure going to kill you — I would never claim to be some sort of... soothsayer. And besides, you have way...