10 Racial Epithets That Should Be Banned

Recently society has taken a lot of racial words out of usage, and it's high time that these offenders are considered totally inappropriate as well.

We're taking a stand against discrimination, and hope you'll join us.

1. Yellow Fever

White dudes who like Asian women, and the Asian women themselves, hate it when this derogatory term is used to describe their romantic relationships.

2. Dutch Chocolate

Yes, some people from the Netherlands are tanner than others, but the name-calling is unwarranted.

3. Chinese Water Torture

While it is an accepted technique in China to get one’s way by crying, this term overstates the issue.

4. French Fry

Associating children in France with baby fish is neither accurate nor appropriate, even if they do look a little like fish.

5. Matzoh Ball

A term that has long been used to describe bar mitzvahs and Passover Seders, it is demeaning and anti-Semitic.

6. Brazilian Waxing

Despite being known for their long-winded Portuguese diatribes, referring to any long and boring talk by this term insults all Brazilians.

7. Venetian Blind

While it is true that there is a high incidence of blindness throughout italy, it is just not right to use this term for someone that is looking for something or has lost their keys.

8. Greek Myth

Using this term to describe an untrue story is really hurtful to all Grecians, even the Big Fat Greek Lyres.

9. Mongolian Beef

Everyone knows Mongols love to fight. Just ask Genghis Khan.

But using this term to describe any and all arguments is just plain wrong!

10. Indian Giver

Okay so some Indians like to give you stuff then take it back later, but this term does not specify “Native American” and it is unfair to the East Indians, who usually don’t do this.