What Did You Have for Breakfast Today?

Sometimes when you go the cereal aisle at your local grocery store, the choices can be overwhelming.

We decided to do the work for you with our Smosh Pit guide to the latest cereals out there!

(Can you tell which one is actually real?)


The Breakfast of Subpoenaed Superstars - Now with Extra Juice!

Vice Crispies



Free Tetanus Shot in Every Box!

Sugar Tits

Now with strawberry...nipples?

Crunchy Loggs

Mmm -- just love starting my day with a big ol' CRUNCHY LOGG!


Michael Phelps approved!

Clown Penis Fart


Cap'n Chronic

Sail away with the Cap'n on his delicious ship, the S.S. Chill Bro.

Ghost Loops

Fortified with even more white power flour!


"I'd eat this if I felt like supporting my life through taking in nutrition was worth anything at all. $^#@ you, Mom and Dad!"

Spam Puffs

Now with extra puffy pork butt crisps!