10 Alternative Activities For Your Weekend: V6

Bored this weekend. Maybe you should try something new... like traveling back in time! Well, not really, since Obama won't let us time travel yet (he has it, trust me), but you can PRETEND you're in the past with any of these fun ancient activities!

Would you try any of these? Let us know in the comments!

English Joust

It's like thumb wrestling with long-ass poles on really fast horses.


Naked Greek Olympics

They like their olympics like I like my women: naked and ancient! (kidding. so, so kidding).


Aztec Tlachtli

A mix of basketball, volleyball and football! Losers either buy dinner, or get beheaded, depending on the year.


Egyptian Ropeless Tug Of War

It also looks like they had a pantless form of pants.


Roman Chariot Racing

I feel the need... for speed!


Japanese Hacky Sack

Look Ma, no hands!

Chinese Cheerleading

Go team!


Chippawah Arrow Avoidance Dance

Burns way more calories than Zumba.


Druid Soccer

Way less fun in the age of sandals.


Fairyland Prancing

An ancient version of Dancing With The Stars. Only more masculine.



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