10 Deadly Animals (That Have Super Cute Babies)

Animals are not always your friends. There are literally thousands of creatures out there that would kill you just as soon as look at you. Vicious man-eaters that live only to kill… but dang, they sure do have some cute babies!



cute baby deadly


Cold-blooded, but warm-hearted.



cute baby deadly shark


You’re gonna need a bigger boat… to hold all these “awwwwww’s.”



cute baby deadly snake


That's right, baby snake. I'm happy to see you too!



cute baby deadly lion


I'd be lion if I said this wasn't super cute.



cute baby deadly spider


I bet this little guy doesn’t build webs to catch insects… it builds them to catch hugs!


Polar Bear

cute baby deadly


Baby seals are cute, but we'll take these guys any day.



cute baby deadly wolf


The wolf is an apex predator, but their pups are the apex of adorable.


Snapping Turtle

cute baby deadly snapping turtle


He lies silently, waiting for the prefect moment to emerge from the muck and clamp down on your heartstrings



cute baby deadly hippo


It’s one of the most dangerous and deadly animals in Africa, but this guy is only dangerous to our feelings!


Honey Badger

cute baby deadly honey badger


Baby honey badger don’t care… but he don’t care ADORABLY!


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