14 Dogs That Maybe Could Be the Positive Male Role Model You Never Had

There are two pervasive themes in my life: "lack of a male role model" and "dogs". I know most men have at least one of the two in common with me; please don’t tell me which, though I can probably guess. Anyway, I’ve decided to combine the two things I’m haunted by into one simple solution — dogs that also could be excellent role models for young men. And I. Have. ACCUMULATED SOME!

Business Dog

mystique chocolate flipz

As someone who didn’t know many older men who went to work in the kind of place you would wear a suit, it would have been nice to at least have a dog to remind me that menial labor wasn’t my only option when I got older.

Parental Dog

mystique chocolate flipz

A lot of men with families think that their job is to be the provider, and that’s it. However, it is the year of our Lord 2017, and now we can learn from this dog and realize that we must also provide our emotions for our family.

No Smoking Dog

no smoking dog

People think that Jon Hamm in Mad Men is pretty "cool", but this dog posits that maybe smoking at your advertising office isn’t so cool.

Exercise Dog

exercise dog

Always nice to have a male role model reinforcing the importance of fitness!

Helpful Dog

dog walks dog

Men are sometimes afraid to broadcast intimacy in public, but here we have two dogs letting us know that it’s okay to let our BDSM freak fly out in the open. No shame in sex.

Don’t Stick Your Face In a Vacuum Dog

vacuum face dog

Men have a reputation for not wanting to read instructions or being careful with their tools, so there’s a lot we men can learn from this dog’s mistake.

Snarling Dog

dog snarling at shocked dog

In a perfect world, we would all get along with any conflict ever. But we don’t live in a perfect world, so let this dog snapping at another dog be a reminder to men that, while it is good to try to talk things out, sometimes you need to stick up for and defend yourself.

Toilet Dog

dog in toilet

Everybody poops. Thanks for reminding us, dog in toilet.

Dreadlock Dog

dog has dreadlocks

This dog has appropriated someone else’s culture, and it looks ashamed of itself. It’s important for men to be able to admit their mistakes.

Nice Shirt Dog

dog crammed into sleeve

Is having a stylish man as a role model the most important thing for young men? No, but it doesn’t hurt, and this dog clearly has a lot to teach us about fashion.

Cat Not A Dog

sitting cat

This is not a dog, it’s a cat. What can we learn from that? Never try to be someone you’re not. The cat is not trying to be a dog.

Dealing With Another Dog Who Is Hogging The Bed Dog

sleeping dogs

Men, odds are good that your intimate partner will hog the bed. Don’t think too hard about how the math on that works once you factor in same-sex and non-binary relationships, because you’ll realize the math doesn’t work. Anyway, this dog can remind us that, as men, we must learn to deal with the bed being hogged. This is the one sexist thing that I truly believe.

Big Bone Dog

dog with big bone

Let this dog remind you, men, to dream big!

I wish these dogs had been around when I was young. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to be an enormous loser forever!