18 Hipster Pokemon

What's with all of these Pokemon that are too cool to be trained? Just because I don't have an original 1996 vintage Pokeball, none of these Pokemon will let me be their trainer. Ugh. I guess I'm just going to have to switch over to Digimon. Sure, it's way more lame, but no one is too uncool to play Digimon. Here are hipster Pokemon.


hipster mew


hipster gliscor


hipster starmie


hipster facepalm



hipster slakoth


hipster bird



hipster psyduck



hipster snorlax



hipster onix


hipster jigglypuff



hipster bulbasaur


hipster pikachu



hipster ash



hipster smoochum


hipster diglett



hipster squirtle


hipster pichu


hipster slowbro


Which Pokemon are you going to go see Arcade Fire with? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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