20 Celebrity Wrestlers

Hollywood enters the ring! Workouts have gotten boring, so many celebrities have turned to wrestling, kickboxing and ultimate fighting as a way to have fun and keep fit.


Duff Butt Slams Lohan - A sign of things to come for Lilo?




Deadly Tag Team "Brangelina"


Drake "Body Slam" Bell & Josh "Peckerhead" Peck


Simpson The Simpleton


The Governator


Jonas Fanboys Too Little to Fight


John C. "The Snake" Riley


Jonah "Man Boobs" Hill


Dylan Gives Cole a Long Deserved Suite Kick to the Face


Jello Wrestler Mila Gorilla


Derulo Launches Fart Attack on Efron


"Metal" Miley Strangles "Nailer" Swift


These Guys Seem to be Enjoying This a Bit Too Much


The "Sticky" Situation


Spencer "The Barefoot Bandit" Pratt


Steve "The Schmuck" Carrell


Justin "Bottoms" Bieber


Oh S**t That's a Real Picture


The UnderRaper


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