20 Famous People in 20 Years

So there’s the site called “In 20 Years” that is supposed to show you what you will look like in 20 years. Sometimes it seems pretty accurate, but other times makes people look like ZOMBIES. We decided to run some of our favorite celebs through the machine to see what they would look like… What do you think?

Justin Bieber

Not as dreamy NOW, is he?


Hayley Williams

No longer want.


Trololo Guy

He is looking Oldololololo


Taylor Lautner

Strangely enough, his abs still look GREAT.


Scumbag Steve

"Borrows Lipitor. Doesn't return it..."


Miley Cyrus

Hey ya'll! I'm old!


Lea Michele

In 2031, Glee will be ruining songs that haven't even been written yet...


Lil Wayne

And you thought he might be preserved by all that booze...


Miranda Cosgrove

iCarly will still strangely be on the air...


Steve Buscemi

Almost no change...


Heidi Montag

This is proably more like what she'll look like in 2013


"Ginger's Have Souls" Kid

Old gingers have older souls...


Emma Watson

I'd still hit it.


Crazy Mean Baby

He's looking ROUGH for a college kid...


Charlie Sheen

The sad thing is, the girl Charlie Sheen will be dating in 20 years is currently in pre-school.


Antonie Dobson

The aging 'erbody out here.


Betty White

How the hell does she look BETTER?


Rebecca Black

1000 Fridays later... she still can't sing.


Ian Hecox

WTF? He's OLD!


Chuck Norris

Old age dies from a case of Chuck Norris...


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