20 Things You'd Find Inside Of R2-D2 If You Opened Him Up

Here are 20 crazy things you would find inside of R2-D2 if you were to take a giant can opener and open him up!


1. Name Brand Halloween Candy


2. Velveeta Shells and Cheese


3. The Dominoid


4. Gandalf the Grey


5. Keira Knightly


6. A Badly Burned Japanese Copy of Step Up 3d


7. The H1N1 Virus


8. Alec Baldwin's Liposuctioned Stomach Fat


9. Osama Bin Laden


10. The President of Google


11. Dobby the House Elf


12. Skat Kat


13. All The Babies People Have Left at Fire Stations Since 2007


14. L. Ron Hubbard


15. The Scene From Good Will Hunting Where Ben Affleck Pretends To Be Will Hunting at a Job Interview


16. Kevin James Without Any Skin


17. Meatballs 4 "To The Rescue"


18. Taylor Lautner


19. An Asian Woman Wearing A "Finding Nemo" Costume


20. An Unnecessarily Sexy Crime Fighting Panther, Dog, and Cat


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