25 Celebrity Nose Pickers

Everyone does it but there's something that much more funny about celebrities doing it... we think celebs are perfect, we don't expect to see them mining for gold!


Matthew McConaughey


The Queen of England


Lindsay Lohan


Kate Hudson


Tom Cruise


Pamela Anderson


Ethan Hawke


Mischa Barton


Jake Gyllenhall


Halle Berry


Kim Cattrall


Phillip Seymour Hoffman


Britney Spears


Payton Manning


Matt Damon


Rosie O’Donnell


Jennifer Aniston


David Beckham


LeAnn Rimes




Penelope Cruz


President Barack Obama


Ralph Wiggum


Bonus! Celebrity EATERS!


Lindsay Lohan


Jennifer Lopez


Miley Cyrus


Who is your favorite nose picker?


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