25 Celebrities Before And After Fame

Celebrities spend a lot of time making themselves look good. Plastic surgery, hair, make-up, working out... they want to look good. But sometimes, the stress of being famous makes them fall apart. We found some pics of what they looked like before they were so rich and famous.


Angelina Jolie


Keanu Reeves




Victoria Beckham


Pierce Brosnan


Nicole Kidman


Chace Crawford


Pamela Anderson


George Clooney


Teri Hatcher


Bruce Jenner


David Hasslehoff


Janet Jackson


Keifer Sutherland


Lady Gaga


Colin Farrell




Bill & Hillary Clinton


Michael Jackson


Amy Winehouse


Brad Pitt


Ashley Tisdale


Zac Efron


Jennifer Aniston


Arnold Schwarzenegger


What do you like better? Their "before" or "after" looks? Tell us in the comments below.


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