Best Uses Of The New Facebook Layout (And How To Do It Yourself)

You like the "new" Facebook? A lot of people are taking advantage of the new format to turn their page into a mosaic of their face. Which makes sense, since it IS called Facebook.

Here's how to do it to your own profile!

Basically you upload your profile pic as an elongated 180x540 image. Then you upload 5 small 97x68 images to a new album and order them from left to right. Finally tag yourself in these 5 images in order from right to left (backwards.) Then you have to adjust your bio sot that it doesn't take up any lines. You will have to remove education, work, and location. Then you have to log out to view your account and you should have some photo magic!

If that's all too complicated just go HERE and upload your pic and follow the directions!

























Which one is your fav? Tell us in the comments below!

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