The Many Faces of Shaun White

Premiere U.S. snowboarder Shaun White attempts to grab another Olympic gold medal tonight in the snowboarding half-pipe competition, when he's going to attempt a Double McTwist 1260, which is definitely the hardest trick that man or beast has ever invented.

In anticipation of the competition, Shaun's funny face has been all over the teevee and the Internet, and we've noticed he's got lots of different "looks." Below we identify some of the best ones and give them a proper name.

The Good Guy Next Door

Here Shaun shows his enthusiasm for helping you with your homework in-between breaking world records and making millions of dollars.

The Telepathic Hippie

Shaun is actually communicating with the hippie armies across the world to board down to the lodge and start the world's biggest winter drum circle.

The Friendly Killer

Shaun may look scary, but we know he's just joking about breaking my kneecap while waiting in the lift line. Right, Shaun?

The Arty Bro

We all know Shaun as one fun-loving guy, but here he shows us his sophisticated side for the more sensitive ladies out there. This one goes out to all the art school girls who won't admit they're crushing on him.

The Animal Lover

Shaun loves animals, even if they're fake and in promotion of a video game.

The Ginger Pimp

The Flying Tomato may look a little scared here, but trust us, he knows his way around a 40+ ex-Baywatch star, if you know what I mean.

U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

The Shock Trooper

Shaun may generally see like a goofy guy, but if we sent an army of dudes that looked like him out, the Soviets would be crapping their pants.

The Cross-Dresser


No comment.

The Overrated Comedian

Isn't it so weird how much Shaun looks like Carrot Top? Look at the picture above, it's like he is Carrot Top.

Oh wait. That's a picture of Carrot Top...

Shaun vs. Carrot Top

Who wins??

Best of luck to Shaun tonight in his competition!

What's your favorite look of Shaun's?