15 Movies Made Better With Batman [Pics]

Over the weekend at Comic-com, it was revealed that the sequel to “Man Of Steel” would not only have Superman, but also BATMAN. Frickin’ BATMAN! If you know anything about science, you know Planck’s law of Batmanality: everything is better when you add Batman. This works for Superman movies, games of tag, and book clubs, but that’s not all. Adding Batman to these classic movies would make them WAY better too! Which movie do you think would be the best?


The Hunger Games

batman in hunger games


Mean Girls

batman in Mean Girls



batman in Lincoln


The 40 Year-old Virgin

batman in 40 year old virgin


Madea goes to Jail

batman in Madea goes to jail


Thomas the Tank Engine

batman in thomas the tank engine


Pitch Perfect

batman in Pitch Perfect


Silver Linings Playbook

batman in Silver Linings Playbook


Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

batman in sisterhood of the traveling pants


The Hangover

batman in the hangover


The Notebook

batman in the notebook


Lion King

batman in Lion King


Lord of The Rings

batman in lord of the rings



batman in ET



batman in 1960's batman movie


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