Rejected Young Adult Books

The demand for young adult books is soaring. Unfortunately, the quality of these books may be plummeting, and fast.


Then puberty hits and he becomes a ghost.


Why dream your life away when it’s so much easier to mope through reality?


The book series you’ll still be reading when your own kids are old enough to buy books…for their kids.


Also available: Gladiator Children Are Cut into Tiny Fractions for the math section of the SAT.


From the author of Shopaholism: The Story of a Drunken American Apparel Customer.


There’s probably also cannibal superviruses. And attacking trees. And a prom in which everyone must dance without feet.


Revel in the first 800 pages as everyone signs their name to the agreement and then spends the next several chapters looking for a notary public to make it official.


Most of the pages are blank so you can record your own failed attempts to contact the afterlife.


Complete with such glowing reviews as “This is a positive statement about this book” and “I am saying nice things about the writing” on the back cover.


Followed by Journal of a Stick Figure: I’m about to Die in a Game of Hangman.


You want to talk terror? Look how many tile samples the monsters had to look at for the bathroom alone.


Some books should only be read in secret in the dark corner of a bookstore, preferably after closing.

So what is the worst young adult book you’ve ever read?

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