Rock Star Yearbook Photos

Before they were rock gods and pop divas, they were kids like everyone else. And like most of us, they have awkward yearbook photos. We don't want it to be too obvious right away who is who, so we've reversed the names. Can you figure them all out?

Who's changed the most since school? Which picture is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!



suryC yeliM





reyaM nhoJ






inafetS newG




notgninneB retsehC

(Linkin Park)





nospmiS acisseJ

eniveL madA





suryC ecarT





tseW eynaK




zemoG aneleS

tneC 05




drabbiG neB

Z yaJ




noJ liL

neddaM ijneB




nosirroM miJ

yrreP ytaK




areliugA anitsirhC

noskralC ylleK




tfiwS rolyaT

trebmaL madA



rebeiB nitsuJ



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