Rock Star Yearbook Vol. 2

Back in the day, before they were famous these rock gods and pop divas were kids like everyone else. And like most of us, they have awkward yearbook photos. We don't want it to be too obvious right away who is who, so we've reversed the names. Can you figure them all out?

Who's changed the most since school? Which picture is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!



esuoheniW ymA

eeL ymmoT




toillE yssiM












repooC ecilA




etihW geM

nosnaM nyliraM




yrucreM eidderF

dleifteH semaJ




tsruD derF

esoR lxA




nagroC ylliB

hafitaL neeuQ




eiwoB divaD

iduC diK




xirdneH imiJ

niaboC truK




evoL yentruoC

tsrebO ronoC




yleviL ekalB

neetsgnirpS ecurB




ivoJ noB noJ







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