Sexy Pics Of Demi Lovato Hit The Web

Look guys, it's Demi LovatHO HO HO!

These unconfirmed sexy photos of Demi in some hot lesbionic poses have surfaced and are sweeping the net. I guess they could have been photoshopped, but they don't look photoshopped to me. And hey, isn't that the girl that Demi allegedly punched in the airport? The one that caused all the problems that sent her into rehab? Hot.

If you think about it, she's not really showing any more flesh that she would at the beach. I don't personally think these photos are that big of a deal. She's young, she's a pop star, she's having fun. I say God bless her. If I had that bod I'd walk around naked and pose like this all day long.

It's just a bummer for them to come out as Demi prepares to check out of a treatment center for "emotional and physical" issues. I just don't know if she's emotionally ready to have to deal with another scandal.

If anything I think that men all over the world should send her thank you cards for these fantasy inspiring images. Let's turn this into a positive guys. If you like Demi's pics let her know.

What do you think about these sexy pics? Is this a non issue or are you offended that a Disney star would be posing like this?


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