10 Facts About The Lion King That You May Not Have Known

FACT. The Lion King is my favorite Disney animated feature ever. And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone, because the movie is the number one selling home video of all time. ALL TIME, KANYE!  It's kind of hard to believe that at the time it was being made it was considered a B-movie, while all the top Disney creatives were working on the A picture, Pocahontas. Whatever, Color of the Wind! PFFFT! It became FAR more popular than Pocahontas...not bad for a movie that was sold on the pitch of 'Bambi meets Hamlet'. Here's 10 facts you might not have known about Disney's The Lion King or Bamlet as it was called during production. 

mind blowing disney facts lion king pumba fart


One day I hope to know what it would feel like to have such mind-blowing honor. Or is it butt-blowing? Aww man that sounds gross. Can't wait to incorporate it into every conversation I have for the next week.

mind blowing disney facts lion king mufasa sarabi actors


 Guess they have the monopoly on 'Parents of African Prince' roles.

mind blowing disney facts lion king title


Wait...does this mean they don't live in the forest either? I guess King of the Savannah isn't as catchy? It's nice to know that in a fictional tale of talking animated animals, Disney kept things somewhat factual.

mind blowing disney facts lion king scar nazis marching


FACT: Disney Villains have the best friggin' songs. And I would say that The Lion King probably has the best songs of any Disney movie. That’s not a fact. Just a highly-educated opinion.

mind blowing disney facts lion king nala scar


Whoa, Disney! Good call on avoiding the bad teen soap drama storyline. Just when you thought Scar couldn’t get any creepier, you find out he wanted to mount a lioness he'd known since she was a cub.

mind blowing disney facts lion king sean connery


Can't even picture Mufasa as a Scot.That just seems weird creators, why would you even envision such a thing??

mind blowing disney facts lion king scar hercules


Oh, how the mighty have fallen! I mean going from the best Disney movie to one of the errr... least best? Zazu totally predicted it when he suggested to Mufasa that Scar would make a very handsome throw rug. I don't know, I'd be tripping over that head all of the time. Soon people would be calling me Scar.

mind blowing disney facts lion king scar simba reversal of fortune


Jeremy Irons is the master of playing creepy weirdos. Which is why I'm so disturbed by my attraction to him.

mind blowing disney facts lion king timon pumbaa can you feel the love tonight


NO! I’m not the only one who balked at this idea. Composer Elton John was like ‘nope’ too. I have a feeling the song wouldn’t have won the Oscar if it was sung by a warthog and a meerkat.  

mind blowing disney facts lion king kimba white


Um guys...it’s Simba not Kimba. Totally not the same thing. Oh wait... Kimba the White Lion has a shaman-esque monkey advisor, there are wise-cracking hyenas and an evil...Aunt? But Disney hates copyright infringment?? Luckily for Disney, the widow of Kimba creator, Osamu Tezuka, declined to sue. I would have been all over that Mickey Mouse money!?

Which fact did you find the most surprising? Any facts that you know about The Lion King? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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