We all have to make hard choices in our lives. What should we have for dinner? Chinese or pizza? I know I want an iced latte but Grande or Venti? Should I let my lil' sis fight in the Hunger Games or should I volunteer to take her place? Okay, maybe some choices are harder than others. But nothing could be harder than this choice. PITA BREAD or PEETA MELLARK?? Only one will survive this mini Hunger Games.



leprechaun in space


It seems like everyone is TEAM GALE. Poor Peeta!  When will he be someone's first choice? Even his mom was placing her bets on Katniss winning the Hunger Games. But I say he has tons of appeal. He's a baker. So you can bet that he would be making you tons of yummy things. And personally, I'd love to see him throw a 100 pound bag of flour at Kim Kardashian.  BUT DOES HE HAVE THE STRENGTH TO DEFEAT PITA???



leprechaun in the hood


Pita is delicious. You can fill it with lots of yummy and exotic food things, because it's a bread pocket. Two great things together at last! Magic at it's best. AND THEY FRIGGIN' PUFF WHEN YOU BAKE THEM. They should be called Wonder Bread. But are they practical for PB & J? Sadly,  no.


So which one will it be? Peeta or Pita? VOTE BELOW!



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