10 Best 'Draw My Life' Videos

'Draw My Life' videos are the latest and IMO greatest videos fads out there. The concept is simple. You draw your life story in crude stick figures, art ability be damned!  The result are anything but. Sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious, always riveting. Here's 10 of the best!


Sam Pepper

This was the first 'Draw My Life' videos uploaded to YouTube, but it's still one of the best. Probably the best part about these videos is seeing a different side of some famously funny people. Plus we get to listen to Sam's accent. Sigh. Okay, I ain't gonna lie.That accent makes me feel a little crushy. Does this mean I have to change my Twitter handle to DesiPepper?


Jenna Marbles

Awww...it's nice to see the softer side of Jenna. As a fellow sad clown, I totally relate to this vid. Also who knew the girl who has full-on conversations with her dogs had a masters degree?

Ryan Higa

Ryan finally relented to internet pressure and DREW HIS LIFE! Your life IS interesting, Ryan. You were bullied and it got better! From bully victim to Judo champion and YouTube star? Not too shabby. 

Sophie Chan

Okay, not everyone does crude stick figure 'Draw My Life' videos. This one by Sophie Chan is incredible.  I hate when I feel things unexpectedly. Especially when it leaves me inspired. Damn you, Sophie Chan! And by that I mean you are awesome and you make me want to be a better person. There I said  it.

Shane Dawson

OMG. These YouTubers are killing me with the feels. Funny and sad is the best combination ever. Also I comepltely relate to eating through the pain. I've been doing it all week.


PewDiePie draws it for his BROS! Am I the only one completely shocked by the revelation that he was into video games as a child?? I kid, I kid. My fave moment has to be seeing baby Felix being born. No one should have to draw his mom in that position.


A double story! Roi and Alex draw their lives together and it's pretty dang cute.  It's like a Nicholas Spark's love story only between bros and no super sad Ahlzheimer's twist.

Philip de Franco

Great drawings. Another inspiring story. I mean it's actually a super CRAZY story. Stop making me feel so much, YouTubers!! I feel like the Grinch when his heart grew three sizes. 

Grace Helbig

WHAT DOES THE TAIL MEAN!?! Please tell me your theories in the comments!

Anthony Padilla

Wizpig! Ian and Anthony's meet cute! Anthony's Probe...get your mind out of the gutter, it was his first car! This 'Draw my Life' will make you love Anthony even more. If that's possible.

Which one is you fave? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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