11 Awesome Burn-Out Fails

Since the invention of the automobile, idiot drivers have been attempting burn-outs...for whatever reason.

Now those idiots are recording their fails and posting them on-line. Much to our amusement, of course. We decided to put together a collection of failed burn-outs that always make us smile.

Which of these morons should have their license revoked?

Opening the door while in motion = Stupid

"Ya' okay? Ya' okay, Dude?"

Always check the rear view for police before attempting a burnout.

And the crowd goes wild!

Um, perhaps a bigger fire extinguisher would be in order.

"What? I meant to do that."

In his defense, he was just running late for his job at Dairy Queen.

"Just tell me when I should let go."

Maybe they should have rehearsed this move a few more times.

"Did anyone get a license plate?"

Okay, this one is pretty cool.