The 15 Best Nyan Cat Remixes!

Nyan Cat (AKA Poptart Cat) travels though the stars without a care in the world. He's pretty good, but could he be improved? The answer is YES! Here are some of the BEST Nyan Cat remixes!


Mario Nyan Cat

Is there ANYTHING that doesn't get better when you add a little Super Mario?


Americ-NYAN Cat

Like Nyan cat, America is the best!


Obi Wan Gets NYAN'd

Little known fact: Nyan cat switched off his targeting computer and is Nyan-ing only with the power of the force.


Nyan Cat [ Indian Bollywood Version ]

I can't stop watching this one for some reason.


Nyan Cat (Smooth Jazz)

Totally chill, daddy-o.


Russan Nyan Cat

This Nyan is NOT afraid to embrace stereotypes.


Nyan - The Movie

This is A LOT of work to pay tribute to his Nyaness


Nyan Cat Man

Do you think this guy ever gets girls?


Picard Gets NYAN'd

They woke him up for this...


Mexican Nyan Cat

Me gusta el Nyan Gato!


Orphan Tears

My Favorite Martian, AKA Ray William Johnson, gets the Nyan treatment...


Nyan Cat (Piano Version)

Holy crap this girl is good. 


Nyan Cat ~ Orchestral Mix

The most EPIC of the remixes


Real Life Nyan Cat

Sometimes, things are better not IRL.


Nyan Cat In LA

I didn't know they exploded.


Heavy Metal

Totally Brutal, but still adorable.


Who should Nyan cat strike next? Let us know in the comments!


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