19 Best Luigi Death Stares In Mario Kart 8... SO FAR!

So Mario Kart 8 is FINALLY out now for the Wii U, and Nintendo has a added a few amazing features… including EVIL. Yes, the warm, heroic LUIGI that you thought you knew was gone. He’s been replaced by a stone-cold killer who wants to savor every moment of your suffering. In the newest Mario Kart, the racers will turn to look at each other, and lots of people have noticed that a glance from Luigi is actually the terrifying stare of a badass. One video put that badassersy to music, and it took off.


Before you know it, LOTS of people were sharing their “Luigi Death Stare” moments, and they paint a picture of a plumber whose only emotion is suppressed rage. Here are some of the very best out there… so far.


Goodbye Brother

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Karma's as Sweet as a Daisy - Luigi Death Stare


Mario Kart 8: The Luigi Death Stare


You're Next


Move Bitch


Luigi has gone TOO FAR

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Luigi has Shells of Steel


Face Off

luigi death stare face off


Weegeetime - Luigi Death Stare


MK8 360º Death Stare


Luigi Does Not Care


Creepy Luigi death stare #1


Luigi Rules The Road



luigi death stare 50 cent


Luigi Death Stare - Judgement day


Luigi Death Stare 001: The Madness of the Desert Heat


Luigi Gives Rosalina A Death Stare - Ridin' Dirty Version


It’s clear that years of being “player 2” have turned Luigi into a stone-cold killer. May God have mercy on us all…


luigi death stare

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