20 Hilarious Vines (By Girls)

We all know that VINE is the best place to see hilarious super-short videos, but there are so many video videos out there… WHERE DO YOU FIND THE GOOD ONES? Well, lucky for you, I’ve done the legwork (eyeball work?), and tracked down 20 Funny Vine Videos by Ladies. YES, it’s true… girls can be funny too! Check out the funny vine videos by women down below… Which is your favorite vine?


The struggle of wishing you had a cute laugh


Girls Be Like


How girls really eat.


Beyonce voice over


Zombie game


Kristen Stewart impression


Trust me you'll love him






Smack Cam


Needy girlfriends be like...


Have My Baby


When You're ready




What Evian spells backwards


I'm Sexy


Parents Never Answer The Question DIRECTLY!


Crazy Girlfriends be like....


Put a ring on it


Which was your fav?

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