25 Hysterical Vine Videos

What the hell is a vine? Vine is twitter’s video app, designed to share six second videos. It’s a growing platform, but by far the best use of vine so far is short, hilarious videos. Celebs like Jennette McCurdy have been using it, along with some big YouTubers like DeStorm or Alphacat. But there’s also a whole bunch of regular people putting out hilarious short videos on vine every day. After hours and hours of looking at six second long videos, I think I’ve found some of the best vines ever? Which one is your favorite?



Honey, I'm Home!


Nerd Vandalism


Magic Trick


Wrecking Ball




How To Turn Your Mouth Into A Cereal Bowl


Grand Theft Auto


Grind On Me


Let's take a picture


When the beat drops when studying


Sims in real life


Blurred Lines


What does the fox say?


Trying to be quiet when your parents are asleep


Bring the beat in


Going To School On Monday Vs. Going To School On A Friday


Girls Be Like


Riding Dirty


Just Girly Things


Well said, Miley


Lending a phone charger is like an auction


Sex Tips


Take the wheel


Drunk Mario




Which is the best? Let us know down below in the comments on on twitter!

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