The Very Best Marching Band Covers!

Not every marching band just plays a bunch of dumb songs from the 1940's. Sure a lot of them do, but some of them play some of the most awesome covers of pop and rock songs that can be found on the planet. Sure, they might not get as many girls as kids in rock bands, but they can go home after a football game knowing that they provided an awesome soundtrack to people getting up to go pee and buy hotdogs. Here are some of the Best Marching Band Covers!


Cal - Green Day Show

You'd think that songs with only three chords wouldn't sound very good played by a full marching band. They sound great though. The only thing I didn't like is how at the end of the show, the band threw dookie all over the audience. At least it's good to see some committment.


Oklahoma State - Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

The main criteria to become a member of the Oklahoma State Marching Band is that you have to snort a line of ants. It only makes sense that they would cover Crazy Train.


USC - Knights of Cydonia by Muse

This song makes me feel like I'm flying on the back of a dragon while holding a giant turkey leg in one hand and an axe in the other. ALL OF THE NONBELIEVERS WILL FEEL MY FIREY RAIN!! THEY'LL RUE THE DAY THEY EVER SAID THAT MY HAIR CUT LOOKS STUPID!!!!!


Ohio University - Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

I'm not really a fan of LMFAO, but this cover is fantastic. Make sure you check out the part where the band members all lay down their horns and dance to the drum line. This almost makes me want to listen to an actual LMFAO song. Almost.


UT Knoxville - Thriller by Michael Jackson

This video is from 2009. You might be thinking that they're a little late to the party by choosing to play a song that's 20 years old. The thing is, they're in Tennessee. So, Thriller had actually just come out that year. Maybe in another 20 years they'll finally get around to playing a Lady Gaga song.


Michigan - Songs Of Guitar Hero

They do a pretty good job of bringing the Guitar Hero experience to the football field. It would be a little more accurate if one of the trumpet players missed a bunch of notes and rage quit by smashing his trumpet.


Farrington High School - Daft Punk Show

This is the only high school band on the list. This cover is really great but my main problem with it is the lack of giant robots. Come on. Can you really cover Daft Punk without a bunch of giant dancing robots? I'm pretty sure there is some sort of law about that. And if there isn't, there should. Maybe that should be my platform for my Presidential run. A roast in every pot and a dancing robots everywhere all the time. ZAMES 2012!


USC - Toxicity by System of a Down

We know that we already had a song by USC on here, but this is just so awesome that we couldn't exclude it. You can close your eyes and really feel the hairy Armenian guy screaming in your face.


What song would you like to hear played by a marching band? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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